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  • What is the difference between a Leather Dye and a Shoe Colour?
    Leather Dye is a permanent dye that cannot be removed afterwards. Shoe Colour can be removed afterwards (and shoes can then be dyed a different shade after cleaning).
  • How do you clean shoes for dyeing?
    Shoes can be cleaned with methylated spirits (using a dampened piece of cloth).
  • Why do I have to stuff my shoes before polishing?
    To prevent the polish from cracking afterwards. Stuffing shoes exposes areas where cracks could occur after applying the product in the event that they were not stuffed.
  • Can suede be dyed using shoe colour?
    No, suede shoes cannot be dyed as this causes the shoes to harden. Instead, use Suede and Nubuck Renovator
  • Which materials can I use with the Tuxan products?
  • Can shoe colour be used on synthetic shoes?
    Yes, shoe colour can be used on both synthetic and fabric shoes
  • Is it necessary to clean and prepare shoes before dyeing?
    Yes, it is necessary. Shoes often have a waxy layer on them. If you don't clean and prepare the shoes properly this waxy layer can result in an uneven dye effect.
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